What Is The Meaning of Residential And Residential Feng Shui ?

What is the meaning of Residential and residential Feng Shui? According to the “house by the Yellow Emperor” upload: “those people of the house, people to house their home. The security on behalf of the Jichang; if disturbing, that the decline of the door family.” People often say that the housing is fixed to occupy certain land and space, with a comprehensive consumption function, for individuals and families living, and the space for the provision of material reproduction of the labor and population structure. In daily life, people used to take the house as housing, which is the people’s living space, housing for people with daily life inside the functions and facilities.

The pursuit of life of ordinary people in China is “heaven and earth parents, basic necessities of life”. So after many years of economic development, it has enabled us to live a fear of abject poverty, which is about to lead a happy life. But we can not expect the problem of the house will be most concerned top priority of the people. Parents need a “nursery”, the children need a “good study,” elderly people need a “comfort zone”, youth need a “newlywed nest.” Even if we do not boast about the living environment, which can be considered a safe haven for themselves,and is “no place better than his own kennel.” How to select, obtain a good wind good luck in the pits of water plus it? This is what we need to take seriously the problem.

Housing is frozen music and a silent language. The residential pattern shows the wisdom of human adaptation to the environment. A good home is the pursuit of human culture for thousands of years. Whether the construction of private homes, or real estate project development, or for urban planning and construction, if we can focus on scientific research and application of Feng Shui, we will be able to achieve satisfactory results in the construction process, which can also make people have a kind of intimacy and comfort. People live in such an environment, it will well-being, happiness.

Good feng shui house, reflects the modern business, good luck and harmony of life, which is today’s topic that people are generally concerned about. In real life, we pursue perfection, accompanied by expectations of good luck in life. As society competition increasingly fierce and the changing concept of modern life, people career development and family well-being more and more attention, while others are closely related and the common aspiration of good feng shui has become a modern work.